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Insoft Thursday, March 5, 2009
One day at a roadblock in Amerika,a police officer stoped a muslim chaplain and ask.

"What kind of muslim are you? Are you sunni muslim,syi'i muslim,sufi,wahaby or salafy?"

" I don't know what do you mean. I'm just a muslim,"answer the chaplain, supprised with the question.

" Yes you do. Are you with Ikhwan muslimin, Hamas or Hezbullah?"

As the officer keep on asking, the chaplain realized that he must come up with an answer to get away.

"I'm a fat muslim."

The officer didn't laugh.


Still not good enough.

" OK, i confess, i'm a christian muslim," since the chaplain was a christian.

The officer wrote down something.

"OK, You can go."

What is the moral of the story?

p/s : salah grammar paham2 je la ek...


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